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Paddy Pimblett’s drastic weight loss from May to July


Liverpool’s own Paddy Pimblett is once again getting his fans and haters talking as he ditches his weight ahead of his next fight in London’s O2 Arena.

Paddy “The Baddy” has made waves in the world of MMA after showing off his ridiculously quick weight gains and also losses.

After his last fight in March, where he weighed in at 155lbs, he treated his fans to videos of him eating everything his heart and tastebuds desired, leading him to around 200lbs in only a few weeks after his fight.

He revealed just how much he ate around that time: “I eat so many calories it’s unbelievable, on Monday I actually gauged what I ate and I had 10,700 calories. That’s without me doing a food challenge, that’s just me being a fat b******.”

Pimblett is set to fight Jordan Leavitt on July 23 and is already very much in fighting mode as he ditches the weight he gained during his time off.

With the latest photo comparing his weight loss, we can once again see his amazing ability to go from one extreme to the other in a matter of months.

As you can see in the above Instagram post, comparing Pimblett’s physique in May and to how he looks now in July is simply insane.

Is it healthy? Will it help the longevity of his career? Arguably not, but you cannot argue that when it comes to fight night, Pimblett is always ready and raring to go!

The criticism came in quick as usual, with some calling him undisciplined, or even stupid, as they perceive his lifestyle as unhealthy and damaging in the long run.

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Pimblett never shies away from calling his haters out as, though, and once again he responded to the criticism, saying: “Gang of [clowns] love to talk on the internet [wouldn’t] step in the cage in their lives I can’t wait to knock my next opponent out [and] laugh at u all.”

Fans of the food-loving fighter will care more about his next fight than eating habits as Pimblett will make his third UFC appearance in the Octagon, against another hungry youngster in the shape of Leavitt.

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