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JaxJox DumbbellConnect Adjustable Dumbbells review


30-second review

JaxJox’s DumbbellConnect adjustable dumbbells are, hands down, the best set we’ve reviewed to date. From their high-quality build materials to the flawless (and simple) digital plate-switching function, everything about these dumbbells feels first class. The accompanying app will be useful too, particularly if you’re new to weights or need that extra bit of motivation or guidance (though keep in mind that the in-app video classes incur an ongoing subscription cost). 

The front-mounted LCD display on each cradle allows you to select the weight of each dumbbell prior to use, and while this felt a little awkwardly positioned to us (we were using the cradles on the floor and would have found it easier to interact with a top-mounted display), it’s something that you quickly get used to. For those considering a more permanent installation, a higher position would perhaps be better to use the display with greater ease. 

The digital plate-switch is quick and easy and the plates feel incredibly secure once they’re on the dumbbell, more so than any other model we’ve tested. The metal grip is chunky and ergonomic and the weights boast a wonderfully low profile so they don’t feel cumbersome – even when all of the plates are loaded. 

JaxJox DumbbellConnect Adjustable Dumbbells

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