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Pa. football coach tells team to shovel snow for neighbors in place of weight training


As much of the northeast was slammed by a snowstorm, an Allegheny County football coach canceled his team’s scheduled workout session on Monday. Instead, he suggested they pick up a snow shovel and help an elderly or disabled neighbor.

According to a report by WTAE News, Bethel Park High School football coach Brian Delallo tweeted the change of schedule to inform his team. He was surprised however by the amount of attention it drew.

Delallo wrote in the tweet: “Due to the expected severe weather, Monday’s weightlifting workout has been cancelled. Find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway. Don’t accept any money — that’s our Monday workout.”

While Delallo noted that he may have been the first coach to tweet the “shoveling workout,” the “tradition” actually was started a decade earlier by the previous coach.

Delallo said, “This is just something, one of the many traditions we have that we have kept going,” WTAE quoted.

According to a report by KDKA News, the Bethel Park football players tackled the more than 6 inches of snow that had blanketed the western Pennsylvania community overnight from Sunday evening through Monday morning.

The CBS News affiliate cited junior and team captain Gavin Moul, who said, “They’re surprised that we’re not taking money.” Moul noted that some actually refused the help because team members wouldn’t take money.

But 83-year-old, Danny Varhola, whose now-grown son played Bethel Park football in the 80s, was one grateful recipient who didn’t refuse, according to KDKA.

“I’ve been here for 50 years, and these guys are great,” said Varhola.

Moul realizes it’s about more than just the shoveling. “I feel great about it and think we all feel great about it,” said Moul. “It’s not only helping them, but it’s helping us to become a better team,” KDKA cited.

Coach DeLallo is proud of the connection made between the community and the team.

“You get a lot more out of this than ‘did you bench press 300 pounds today?’” the TV station quoted.

At least 25 players texted Coach DeLallo to tell him they did it “and felt great,” the report said.


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