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Strongman Thor Bjornsson Shared His Muscle-Building Diet


In a new video on his YouTube channel, former World’s Strongest Man title holder Hafthor Bjornsson (a.k.a. “The Mountain”) breaks down what he eats in a day since retiring from the world of competitive strength sports and losing 100 pounds in order to focus on building lean muscle as a boxer.

He starts off with a huge breakfast: flank steak, two eggs, and oatmeal with berries. And while this is certainly a high volume of food to be consuming, it’s still less than the 10,000 calories a day Bjornsson was eating when he was winning Iceland’s Strongest Man year after year.

“In strongman, I had steak five or six times a day, now I’m only having steak twice a day,” he says.”My diet has obviously changed a lot since my strongman days. I used to eat a lot of ribeye steak, a lot of rice. The reason why I eat flank steak instead of ribeye is because it’s leaner and obviously the calories throughout the day is a lot less.”

The second meal of the day is beef tenderloin with rice and spinach, and then he takes the third meal to the gym with him for after his workout: cod, spinach and potatoes, with chicken stock for added moisture. “It’s one of my least favorite meals,” he says. “This is the meal where I have the most carbs.”

Meal number four consists of salmon, rice and zucchini, and Bjornsson reveals that switching to more fish from his bro meal staples has been an upside to his new nutrition regime. “Before, I was eating chicken twice a day and I hated it,” he says. “It’s so dry. I did meal prep, and eating day-old chicken is not nice.”

The fifth and final meal of the day is Skyr yogurt with nut butter and blueberries. “I think we can all find something healthy that you can eat and enjoy at the same time,” he adds.

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