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1 hr resistance training a week reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, says study


People often associate bulky muscles with strength, but strength training combined with aerobic exercises can save lives. Stating this, nutritionist and dietician Dr Preeti Shukla cited a published study of 13,000 people in Medicine Science and Sports Exercise (MSSE) journal.
Dr Shukla was discussing the topic of better health in a free webinar organised with fitness enthusiasts and students.
According to that study, performing resistance training for less than an hour per week was associated with roughly 40 to 70 per cent decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.
Dr Shukla further said, “Only weight training increases the stress hormone i.e. cortisol and the excessive increase of stress hormone causes, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, sleeping disorder, anxiety, depression, irritability etc.” The benefits of strength training for heart muscles can be balanced out with cardio, she added.
“Cardio exercise reduces stress hormones, which produces endorphins- happy hormones,” Dr Shukla said. Cardio includes walking, running, cross-training, etc.
She suggested people not to go walking before sunrise. “It was seen that in winters, 50% of people who step out for running and exercises before sunrise, suffered sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack,” Dr Shukla said.
//Tips for exercise\
• Give equal importance to strength training and cardio exercise. Give three days to strength training and three to three cardio.
• Do not go into intense or fast mode before starting any exercise, warm up first and achieve maximum heart rate.
• Cool down after exercise, that is, after running, stop walking slowly.
• Follow a protein balanced diet routine to support the body in both exercises.
• Marathon diet should be planned separately.

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Published on: Friday, December 24, 2021, 11:49 PM IST

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