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Work your shoulders with Sephora as she grinds in the state-of-the-art Generation Iron gym.

Finding the right location to workout can be a daunting task, but Generation Iron Personal Training makes that easy. A fantastic gym with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable trainers, your gains will become a reality in no time. Plus, with the ease and convenience of setting up a time to work out, Generation Iron Personal Training will make you actually want to get up and get moving.

We followed around Sephora, one of Generation Iron’s Personal Training trainers, as she walked us through a great shoulder workout. Neglecting to work out your shoulders can sacrifice strength, size, and that well-rounded physique you want most. With Sephora’s guidance, this shoulder workout is sure to give you the best gains around.


Let’s jump into this shoulder workout from Sephora so we see those gains we want most. With the right approach, we can better tackle any workout put in front of us. A great shoulder workout can be hard to come by but thankfully Sephora offers up this 5-exercise workout for ease, convenience, and gains.

About Sephora

Sephora found herself in a position many of us do, being tired of excuses and a lifestyle we want to change. Through hard work and dedication, Sephora has committed herself to building her body and shaping the necessary areas to see results she has great confidence in. She received her NASM certification and is on a mission to not only help change your body, but also your mindset on health and fitness.

Sephora’s Shoulder Workout

This shoulder workout from Sephora is a great way to build shoulder strength and size, while also aiding in stability and an overall well-rounded physique. A mix of machine and free weights exercises, you target each muscle of your shoulder differently to not neglect or miss out on any gains.

Exercises Sets Reps
Machine Shoulder Press 4 12
DB Lateral Raise 4 12
DB Front Raise 4 12
Alternating One Arm Arnold Press 4 12
Cable Upright Row 4 12


Exercise Breakdown

Machine Shoulder Press

The machine shoulder press is a great exercise for hypertrophy as it will offer healthy stress and nice resistance on your shoulders. Using the machine allows you to add more weight than a free weight shoulder press as well as work to improve form and learn to feel out this exercise. While the machine provides safety, it is important to focus on your technique to not build bad habits.

DB Lateral Raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is a nice shoulder exercise to strengthen those stabilizer muscles and improve shoulder stability. Building strength is obvious but working to tackle those muscle imbalances is also a great benefit to this exercise. It also has plenty of room for variations.


DB Front Raise

Dumbbell front raises are great for building sport specific strength but also functional movements. Another great way to improve any muscle imbalances, the options for you to succeed in terms of building a well-rounded physique are nowhere near impossible. Plenty of variations exist for this exercise as well.

Alternating One Arm Arnold Press

This exercise will build serious strength and size as a result of the complexity with the press and twist aspects. Alternating arms allows you to focus on form even more and stay dialed in as this exercise can be a killer. It can be taxing on your shoulders so working with the appropriate amount of weight will ensure less chance of injury.

Cable Upright Row

Cable upright rows are effective for building bigger traps and ensuring more width in your shoulders. A nice isolation exercise, there are plenty of variations to try but the benefit of the cable machine is more weight can be added, ensuring better form and increased mind-muscle connection.

Benefits Of Strong Shoulders

Having strong shoulders should not be overstated. The benefit to stronger, more stable shoulders can not only enhance sport specific movements, but also those more functional ones. Increasing strength, boosting stability, and adding to a well-rounded physique can be a game changer as you seek the best for your shredded aesthetic. This workout from Sephora will truly enhance your shoulder development with just 5 simple exercises. And with a great gym like Generation Iron Personal Training, you just can’t go wrong.

About Generation Iron Personal Training

This state-of-the-art training facility is 7,000 square feet, jam packed with elite equipment and uniquely designed to provide for a great workout and awesome atmosphere to motivate yourself to see massive gains. Everything you know about gym memberships and their shady hidden fees with additional costs are a thing of the past as you can book directly with registered trainers for one-on-one personal sessions. With the motto “Sweat Today, Shine Tomorrow”, you will become a new person, one with the confidence and physique to be proud of.

With plenty of room to work out and have your own space to get after it, Generation Iron Personal Training gym can be just what you need to succeed. Plus, parking is easy and convenient for a nice bonus.

Location & Address: 730 NY-304 in New City, New York

Phone Number: 845-664-8589

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Follow us on Instagram for the best content and important updates to always be in the loop on Generation Iron Personal Training.

Check out the website for Generation Iron Personal Training here!

Wrap Up

This shoulder workout from Sephora at Generation Iron’s Personal Training gym is a great workout to boost strength and size, while also building stability and a well-rounded physique. The right approach under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer can make or break your gains and give you the best for your desired goals. Generation Iron Personal Training is a fantastic way to see your goals become reality so don’t hesitate to reach out and see how this is a great fit for you.

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*Images courtesy of Sephora Instagram and Generation Iron

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