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What Does F45 Training Do To Your Body?


F45 is a high-intensity workout that will make the most of all 45 minutes. It’s also an equipment-heavy workout — and anyone who walks past an F45 gym and peeks in will likely see a studio filled with kettlebells, dumbbells, spin bikes, and ropes, as Verywell Fit explains. “Our workouts are designed to burn fat and build/retain muscle, and the nutrition plan helps aid those efforts,” Nichole Tobin, a studio manager and head trainer at F45 Training Symons Valley tells Byrdie. “It improves overall body composition by lowering body fat percentage, and usually people see an increase in muscle mass as well,” she adds. 

This could be true for many fans of the workout, and at the very least, you’ll likely be burning a heap of calories. According to F45 founder Rob Deutsch, each workout burns roughly between 500-800 calories (via VeryWell Fit). If you’re looking to kick things into high gear, then the high-intensity and structured workouts of F45 may help you achieve your fitness goals. If not, you can always switch back to sweating with your tried-and-true routines.

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