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Need To Embrace A Balanced Diet For A Healthy Lifestyle


The inner route to the happy and healthy lifestyle is choosing a balanced diet. Consuming a balanced diet doesn’t mean that one needs to follow strict restrictions; or loose weight; or being super slim, rather it means having the food which makes you feel great; and keeps you energetic. A balanced diet adds all the nutrients that are essential for your body. It consists of carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals which are helpful for healthy functioning of our body. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet that can keep our mood happy and makes us achieve complete well-being. Let’s prepare a platter to your balanced diet. Following are the key ingredients for the same:

1.Protein – Improves growth of muscles and joints.

2.Fruits and vegetables – Provides your body with minerals and fibres that keeps your upright to fight with any diseases.

3.The dairy products are essential to fuel your body with calcium and protein.

4.Carbohydrates- Carbohydrates are the energy suppliers that are essential to perform physical activities by our body.  

5.Fatty Foods – Fatty foods when consumed in required quantity are important for the functioning of your brain as they provide several vitamins such as vitamin A, K, E & D.

Moreover, add pinch of happiness & contentment in your diet to make it more worthy. 

Below given are the important benefits that comes with a balanced diet and are helpful to keep your lifestyle healthy and happy:

1.Repair and rejuvenate – Our body is in constant demand of growth and development. For this purpose, it requires a nutritious diet which provides essential nutrients in adequate amount.

2.Healthy mind and body –  Adapting a balanced diet in your regime, not only keeps your body healthy but also adds benefits to your mental strength and resilience. 

3.Managing weight – Weight management doesn’t only counts for a slim body rather it syncs with appropriately with your height, age and sex. A balanced diet varies from individual to individual considering all the important aspects such as height, weight, gender, age and profession.

4.Immunity building – In recent times, immunity has been an Apple of everyone’s eye as people are now more aware of its importance for our body. A balanced diet is a pre-requisite to build and maintain immunity.

5. Reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases – A lifestyle and chronic diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, PCOS, blood pressure, poor heart health have a deep root cause of unhealthy eating. The management of these diseases lies in healthy and balanced eating. According to me, it is never too late to start a balanced diet. You can start yours now and keep your mind and body healthy.

Some tricks and tips to follow a balanced diet:

1.Say no to dieting

2.Don’t skip any meal 

3.Keep your body moving

4.Maintain a food journal

5.Eat consciously

6.Avoid snacking at inappropriate time.

7.Do not use packaged food 

8.Find healthy alternatives to treat your taste buds

9.Schedule your meal at regular intervals

10.Be willing to adapt to new changes.

Balanced diet is a part of life that can be a big support throughout our life to make it a big success in terms of our healthy mind and body. In this tech era we want results super soon but always remember our body needs time to heal and repair. Probably it will not yield the results within a time we expect but it is a seed that we sow for our future endeavours. 

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