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Carmarthenshire science graduate wins British bodybuilding competition


A graduate from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has become a British champion after winning his first bodybuilding competition.

Lewis Beecher currently works as a sports centre attendant on the Carmarthen and Lampeter campuses.

He competed in a competition that was organised by 2brospro events held in Maidenhead.

He won the open class category for bodybuilding first timers and qualified to compete at the British finals, where he also won his category.

Lewis developed a passion for resistance training after an injury in his early twenties, where he discovered that his physique seemed to respond well to exercising various muscle groups.

He said: “It’s the same with any sport or hobby, once you start to develop an understanding of the fundamentals required to improve you can then dedicate your time and effort to trying to improve your physical aesthetic look and well-being, which are both massively important.

“This is what I enjoy most about bodybuilding, the idea of trying to fine tune your body and watching it physically change and develop.”

Lewis Beecher 

As Lewis prepared for the regional competition, he had to follow a strict 11-week contest preparation diet.

This included watching what he was eating as well as following a training plan where he would have weekly check-ins with his coach to monitor his physique and to track his progress.

Although Lewis currently works on campus, his involvement with UWTSD dates back to 2017 when he came as a student to study sport and exercise science and has since graduated.

Lecturer Geraint Forster said: “It’s great to see a graduate like Lewis applying the knowledge and skills he has developed on the course to work towards achieving this success.

“Lewis has always demonstrated a passion for learning in this area.

“Our aim on the course is to help students to translate the theory of sport and exercise science into useful and practical competencies that can be applied to working towards any number of sport and exercise goals.

“The skills and knowledge Lewis is continuing to develop by training himself will only serve to improve his competence as an exercise professional in the future.”

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As Lewis develops his bodybuilding career the lecturers continue to show an interest in his progress which means a lot to him.

The future looks bright for Lewis, as he looks forward to continue competing in bodybuilding competitions, he has other plans also as well as continuing to work at the university’s Sports Centre.

He said: “I either intend to carry on working full-time and aim to either complete a master’s or complete my teacher training as the influence of my academic lecturers on the course had inspired me to possibly pursue this avenue.

“Either way I plan to hopefully use my degree as a stepping stone to better my life and opportunity.

“I will always be grateful to the university for accepting me as a student and allowing me that opportunity to better myself as student and person.”

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