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Weight loss: James Martin lost huge 5st in just 2 months with change to diet


James Martin will appear on his weekly Saturday show on ITV at 9:30am today. The chef’s avid fans will know that he went through a weight loss transformation in recent years, losing a whopping five stone in just two months. But how did he do it?

But, he also started to follow a healthier diet.

He reportedly cut back on fats, including butter.

Speaking to Mail Online, he said: “It’s hard work because I’m a big bloke.

“So I’ve really got to watch what I eat and drink, and make sure I exercise regularly.”

“So, I lost a stone and a half.”

When speaking to Mail Online, he added: “I just think it’s a lifestyle thing and also looking at yourself on TV.

“Before you used to watch TV on a small one and now they’re massive.”

As well as reportedly cutting down on some ingredients, James also incorporated a lot of fruit and vegetables into his diet.

Recently, in August 2020, fans noticed James’ slimmer frame and were quick to comment on it on his social media.

One Instagram user wrote: “Wow, looking slim Mr Martin.”

Another said: “Looking good.”

A third person commented: “Well done James. You look fabulous!”

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