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Woman’s 10 stone weight loss left her heartbroken at people’s reactions


A woman whose weight loss journey left her feeling “messed up” and suffering from an eating disorder has shared her experience with others.

Kati, 29, says she lost 10 stone after deciding to work on her health and shrank from 285lbs down to 135lbs.

Speaking in a TikTok video on her @katiriandrea account she explains: “When I started weight loss I started doing it for myself.

“I wanted more energy, I wanted my health back, my doctor had told me I was going to get diabetes, the list goes on.

“But as I lost that weight, they don’t tell you that the whole world around you changes.”

Kati talks about how people treat women's weight
Kati talks about how people treat women’s weight

Kati found more people trying to befriend her and blokes who previously “ignored her” were now clamoring to buy her drinks and shower her with attention.

She adds: “It even changed my relationship with my family – they were more excited to see me.

“For the first time ever, my grandma took a picture of me, and I remember that day because it made me cry, and she was like, ‘Oh my flakka, my skinny girl, I want a picture of you.'”

Kati says her body changing left her 'messed up'
Kati says her body changing left her ‘messed up’

Kati says while everything around her felt “perfect” she became gripped by a new fear that everyone had hated her before she lost the weight.

She confesses: “I developed an eating disorder, I was scared to gain that weight back, I was trying to eat as little as possible and work out as hard as possible.

“It really messed me up because as soon as I started to eat regularly and trying to introduce regular foods back into my lifestyle, I gained it all back.”

The TikToker says she has spent the last two years “hiding” and avoiding all social events because she is frightened people will see she has gained weight.

Her video clearly resonated with lots of people because it has been watched more than 2.5 million times and received more than 550,000 “likes”.

Agreeing with her, one woman shared: “I became so spiteful. My body changed and suddenly I’m worthy of kindness. And you don’t realise it til it happens.”

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